While most of us enjoy a morning coffee on the go, a few might not have considered exactly how many disposable coffee cups we personally go through annually, and where those coffee cups end up.

Sure, the biodegradable cardboard cup is a step towards a healthier system, but what about the plastic counterpart lid? And how much energy and how many resources go into making those little vessels of morning force?

Abigail Forsyth, a former take away store owner from Melbourne, Australia, noticed half a decade ago the above mentioned waste that came from her store, just on it’s own. It triggered an idea to create a non-disposable coffee cup that her customers could wash and bring back repeatedly for their daily fix, without the environmental guilt in tow.

Complete with heat proof handle, non-leak lid, and even a blank space on the side of the cup to send your local barista sweet notes of your caffeine desires for the day, the keep cup has established itself as an industry leader in it’s field of reusable hospitality packaging.

keepcup-brew-cafe keepcup-brew-studio

Keep cup have a clever fact sheet on their website for their curious minded customers, including bits such as:

• Disposable cups that are ‘compostable’ require commercial composting to biodegrade.
• Over one year the KeepCup, when compared to disposable cups, reduces landfill by at least 99%.
• The KeepCup breaks even after 15 uses, including washing, when compared with a disposable cup.

Keep cup also offers a “Design Your Own” option on their online store, where you can mix and match colours to make your very own cup. For the more astute coffee drinker, they have recently introduced the glass and cork option, especially for the espresso aficionado.

Keep Cup now have distributors world wide, and you can find them by going to www.keepcup.com.au