Building your brand’s website may be a little daunting if you’re not sure what you are doing, and have little money to pay a site developer.

We’ve put together this tutorial to help you to build a site specifically using WORDPRESS.

Step 1. Purchase a Domain Name

• You will need to register a domain name before setting up any website

• .com’s are most popular, cheap and easy. If you can’t find a .com that matches your business name, try a different extension such as .co .shop or .net

Our Recommendations:

Step 2. Purchase some Web Hosting

• Every WordPress site needs to be hosted on a server.

• You will need to sign up to a monthly or yearly plan.

Our Recommendations:

HostGator Web Hosting

Step 3. Change your DNS (Domain Name Servers)

Once you have signed up to web hosting, you will need to point your domain to that web host.

• Find out the Nameservers or IP addresses of your web-host (you should have received these when you signed up)

• Log into your domain name registration, go to DOMAINS > DNS (or name server details) and change the first 2 DNS settings.

(nameserver1 / nameserver2)

• This can take up to 48 hours for your domain to point to your new server, so be patient!

You can check the progress of this re-direction at:

Step 4. Install Wordpress

• Once your new domain is pointing to your new host, it’s time to install WordPress!

• This can be done via the control panel or “CPanel”

• Log into your Cpanel via the URL:

• You should have been provided a username and password for this when you signed up for your web hosting.

• Scroll down the page until you see a button called ‘Quick Install’ – your hosting CPanel may vary, and might simply have a button called ‘install WordPress’ – each host is different.

• You will see an option to install the latest version of WordPress onto your server. You will either be given, or asked to create a username and password. Take note of this! Very important.

Step 5. Log into your WordPress site

• Once WordPress has successfully been installed onto your server, you can log into your new WordPress dashboard by going to:

• Enter your username and password from the previous step.

Viola! You should now be logged into your new WordPress Dashboard.

COMING SOON – choosing a theme & customising it.

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