This website was created by graphic & web designer, Katie Gannon.


After studying Communications / Media at Canberra University, I started out on a world wide adventure. A trip that would take me round the full globe twice in 4 years, learning things about myself and the planet that I never knew existed from the 16 years of textbook education I had just completed.

On return from my second overseas stint, and after meeting my life parter, Brent, I decided I had a flare for fashion, and began my own eco-fashion label, Mother Maria in 2004. I spent 5 years manufacturing clothes in Australia and Indonesia. I unconsciously researched production methods, environmental impacts of clothing production, and witnessed first hand the hardships of factory workers along my way. I experimented with recycling methods, favoured natural materials, and pushed for fairer pay for the workers I had creating my garments.

While I loved creating clothing, I could see how destructive the process was, and how fast the fashion industry moved. Retailers were pushed to discount my handmade creations after 3 months because they were “out of date”, and I began running like a mouse on a wheel to keep up with the pace of the industry and turn over more garments, quicker, at lower prices. After 5 years building the brand to sell in 30 retail stores, I was exhausted, and wrapped up the business.

During the later years of Mother Maria, I started a blog I wanted to write about the issues I was exposed to while producing clothing. I wanted to promote fashion labels overcoming those issues and introducing cleaner, greener methods of production. 8 years later, the blog is still going strong with over 100,000 readers every month.

These days I’m not so obsessed with my wardrobe and can see a bigger picture in the movement to create clean industries. I now work as a freelance graphic and web designer for other businesses.


In 2015 I envisaged a platform for all retail and service business with innovative, sustainable production methods and social causes to promote themselves. This website is a tribute to those businesses. It will be a shopping tool, an information hub, and a medium for inspiration for the new generation of change makers.

Changing consumer habits can ultimately change the world. We subconsciously vote with the dollars we spend. Who we choose to financially support intrinsically makes that organisation more powerful.

GET FOR GOOD is here to help you find the change makers. FIND A MORE SUSTAINABLE ALTERNATIVE, EVERY TIME YOU SHOP.