We are a FREE online business directory for eco-friendly brands. Here’s how to list your business effectively on our site.


storyTELL YOUR STORYYou are an enterprise with a cause right? Then tell the world about it! When entering content into your listing, give your audience an insight into what you are doing, and why you believe your methods are environmentally, ethically and socially aware.

KEY WORDS – Don’t forget to mention the types of products and even brands that you sell or supply. This is a search engine based directory, so if you sell organic cotton t-shirts, you need to mention it to be found when people search for that term.

BACK-LINKS – Did you know that Google ranks websites higher when they have more back-links? By listing your business with get for good, you are automatically creating back-links to your website and social media pages, making Google love you more.



photo-1421781115463-1010fdb91490We live in an era ummm, OBSESSED with pictures. Good quality images are vital to promoting your products or services.

FEATURE IMAGE – This is the image that will show at the top of your page. The image needs to be landscape in aspect, and quite high res. Try to upload an image at least 1500pixels wide. No one likes a pixelated image and your profile will look unprofessional if you upload something too small.

GALLERY IMAGES – These are the images that will show on the sidebar of your listing. When choosing your gallery images, be selective and only upload quality images that really represent your brand. Latest work or newest additions to your online shop are a good idea. Don’t forget, your listing can be edited at any time, so feel free to log in and update your images any time.



Did you know that 64% of consumers are more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it? (Comscore)
What about the face that 92% of mobile video viewers share videos with others? (Invodo)

Have you made a video about your brand? Show it off baby! We’ve created a video field so you can embed directly to your listing page from a URL. Just like that! BAM!


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